The Ballet Program

The Ballet Program is divided into four separate programs. Students are trained in a pure classical style, with a dedication to artistry, musicality, and technical proficiency.

The Pre-Ballet Program

The Pre-Ballet Program introduces four and five-year-olds to the enchanting world of ballet through barre and floor exercises, across-the-floor dances, stories of ballets and great dancers, classical music, creative and character dancing. All children are encouraged to express their dance potential in a positive and happy environment, with praise for each child. All of our syllabus material at the Pre-Ballet level is gentle and encouraging. Parents can always view their children through the glass window. Parents are invited to attend Parent Observation Day at the end of each term.

Pre-Ballet students do not take part in the recital. We have found over the years that it can be a very traumatic experience for such a small child to get up on a stage in front of five hundred to one thousand people. We feel that children get used to performing in a safe environment on parent's day and then make an easy transition to stage performance in the Lower School Program. Students who complete the Pre-Ballet program are assured a spot in the Lower School Ballet Program at LSB.

The Lower School Program

The Lower School Program is for students ages six to nine and has a syllabus which contains basic beginning ballet training. A strong emphasis is placed on proper body alignment and musicality. The joy of dance is promoted with creative movement and character dance as part of the curriculum.

The Lower School Program students have the opportunity to take part in the recital at the end of the year and parents are encouraged to attend Parent Observation Day at the end of each term.

The Middle School Program

The Middle School Program builds on the foundation of the Lower School, and adds variations work, pre-pointe and early pointe work. Character work is continued and students are encouraged to create their own choreography.

The Upper Level Advanced Program

The Upper Level Advanced Program for serious dancers is a pre-professional program that includes ballet technique classes, pointe, variations, pas de deux, and character classes. Separate class time is devoted to company rehearsals. Students in this program are encouraged to choreograph and teaching assistantships are available to students in the top level. Students are given individual counseling on their career and summer options.

The Lexington School of Ballet Guild is a group of dedicated and supportive friends and parents who assist with performances and Lexington School of Ballet events.